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Bring you deeper understanding 200w heating mats

Bring you deeper understanding 200w heating mats

Product   Description

Mats are 500mm wide. They come complete with a 3m cold tail connection and are available in a wide range of lengths, from 1 to 30m, and two power output densities.

Produte   Features 


Heating core:  Adopting single-stranded in heating wire to gain a better stability.


Insulation Layer: Adopting Teflon (FEP), a application temperature range from -85 200, would not be deteriorated in the extremely temperature from -200 to 260 in a short using time with its excellent chemical resistance, creep resistance and low friction coefficient.


Double Shielding: double earth leakage protection combined copper grid with aluminum foil working with ground protection can resist electromagnetic radiation safely and securely. 


Outer Jacket: Adopting Teflon (FEP), a width application temperature range from -85 200, would not be deteriorated in the extremely temperature from -200 to 260 in a short using time with its excellent chemical resistance, creep resistance and low friction coefficient Joint in cold and power line.

Product    Performances

1, structure

Outer sheath: polyvinylidene fluoride (FEP);

Grounding: bare copper wire;

Shield: + copper foil;

Conductor: + copper alloy resistance wire;

Insulation: polyvinylidene fluoride (FEP);

Connector type: external connector;

2, size

Diameter: 3.5 mm

3, electrical parameters

Power supply voltage: 110/220V (voltage can be customized);

Linear power: 12W/m

Power density: 200W/m2

4, other

The cold line length: 3m;

The maximum surface temperature of 120 DEG C;

Minimum bending coefficient: 5D.

Related product : thermostat(Touch screen thermostat & Mechanical thermostat for your choice)

All electrically heated floors must be controlled by a thermostat connedted to a floor temperature probe.By directly measuring the floor temperature,the themostat ensures that the floor tempertaure can not rise beyond the sepecified limit.

Products  Installation  Connective

Fast Installation:

Heating mats are made from a self-adhesive mesh scrim with a heating cable attached. The mat design enables fast installation and an even heat distribution across the whole floor area. 

Important Installation Notes:

Insulation must always be installed below the heating mat to reduce heat losses into the sub-floor. This improves performance and reduces running costs.

Temperature Control:

All electically heated floors must be controlled by a thermostat connected to a floor temperature probe. By directly measuring the floor temperature, the thermostat ensures that the floor tempertaure can not rise beyond the specified limit.

Floor    Types:

Galaxy electric underfloor heating mats can be installed on top of either suspended timber floors, or solid concrete floors, enabling installation in all room types. Ideal floor coverings for use with this system include ceramic, stone, slate, porcelain, marble, limestone and terracotta.

Widely used:


Be suitable for various floor decorative materials: concrete floor, wood floor, the old tiles floor , terrazzo floor... Thin preheat layer,heating fast:  When the system  activated, 20-30 minuteslater, can offer the desired floor temperature.

Roof and Outdoor floor:

Be suitable for various roof decorative materials and be suitable for various outdoor floor.Thin preheat layer,heating fast:  When the system  activated, 20-30 minuteslater, can offer the desired froof or floor temperature.

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