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BV Type Wire 100% Purity copper conductor pvc insulation electric wire 4mm2 solid wire

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 27, 2016

BV wire solid wire   referred to as plastic copper wire, the name is, the general purpose of a single conductor cable without sheath.

Introduction of the type BV wire solid conductor:

B: is the representative category, wire cloth, T:: conductor copper conductors, V insulated PVC: representative.

Suitable for AC voltage 450/750V and below power equipment, household  electrical appliances, instruments and equipment used in  telecommunication cables.

Classification of solid wire BV wire:

BV wires are divided into: ZR-BV and NH-BV.

ZR-BV solid conductor wire: copper core PVC insulated flame retardant wire: insulation material plus a flame retardant, leaving the flame is not spontaneous combustion.

ZR-BV solid conductor wire: flame retardant BV wire is divided into A, B, C, D four grades, including a best, and so on, the most commonly used is ZR-BV.

NH-BV solid conductor 4mm2 wire: copper conductor PVC insulated wires: normal fire can be used under normal conditions.

BV wires are usually used to distinguish the model specification from the cross-sectional area of the center of the insulating layer. (such as the 4 square BV line copper core cross section diameter of 2.25 mm, according to the circular area calculation formula of S= PI *r*r=3.976 mm)

Commonly used BV electric wire 4mm2 solid wire model:
0.75 square mm, 1 square mm, 1.5 square mm, 2.5 square mm, 4 square mm, 6 square mm, 10 square millimeters. 16 square mm, 25 square mm and 35 square mm, 50 square mm, 70 square mm, 95 square mm, 120 square mm, 150 square mm, 185 square mm and 240 square millimeter, etc.

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