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Electric heating heating cable or carbon fiber heating wire ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each

Heating cable floor heating:

1) heating cable advantages: each room a wire in series without joints, maintenance probability is small, long service life, no electromagnetic radiation, can avoid the installation of furniture.

2) heating cable disadvantages: high resistance wire heating, electromagnetic radiation, aging, use of electricity, linear heating, heating area, plate line state, when the pavement can not avoid the bed without legs, furniture, easy to cause the local temperature superposition, each room a line as long as part of a series of whole room system paralysis.

Carbon fiber heating:

1) advantages: carbon fiber heating can be divided into long fiber and short fiber to warm and warm, also belong to the non metal heating, long fiber is relatively safe, warm wire tray under the floor.

2 shortcomings: due to the plate line, the temperature difference between the temperature of the floor is relatively large, plastic wire skin temperature is easy to aging. Short fiber heating uneven heating, long time use of serious aging. Cost is higher, the joint needs to be treated strictly.

Above are their advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to the actual situation of their own home.

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