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Electric Underfloor Heating Cost 150W Heating Mat Economical Heater

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 28, 2016

Electric Underfloor Heating Cost 150W Heating Mat Economical Heater


Power: 150W/M2

Voltage: 110v  220/230v

Conductor:  Copper Alloy wire  (Single conductor and double conductor optional)

Insulation: Teflon

Sheath: High performance PVC

Cold line: 2-3 meters

Application: Indoor floor heating, roof heating, outdoor melting snow

Size: 0.5m2  1.0m2 1.5m2 2.0m2 2.5m2 3.0m2 4m2 5m2 6m2 7m2 8m2 9m2 10m2 12m2 15m2 (width:0.5meters)

Partner market of our Heating mat : Russia, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Slovenia, the Republic of montenegro....

Heating mat kits include : Thermostat (Touch screen thermostat , Digital thermostat)

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