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H05VV-F Electric Cable RVV Cable/ Cable Electric 3g1.5 Power Cords

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 12, 2016

3 Core 1.5mm2 Flexible Cable H03VV-F H05VV-F 3G1.5mm2 Power Cords

1. poducts applicantion: 

Flexible PVC Cordsare suitable for  householdelectrical appliances, small electric power tools, AC raed voltage up to and including 450/750V, and below the small houseold electrical appliances, lecric tools, instruments and apparatuses and lighting device, which is used for connecting power line.

2. H05VV-F Series cable standards:

BS EN 50525-2-31     BS EN 50525-2-11

BS6004:2000              BS   6500:2000

3. H03VV-F H05VV-F cables types and description:

Types Descriptions
H03VH-H parallel twin PVC insulated flexible cord(300/300v)
H03VVH2-F Light dut PVC insulated sheathed flexible cord,(parallel twin) (300/500V)
H05VVH2-F Ordinary duty PVC insulated sheathed flexible cord,(parallel twin))300/500V)
H07V-K Single core PVC insulated, non-sheathed general purpose cable with flexible conductor(450/750V)
H05V-K(S)Twin twisted PVC insulated non-sheath flexible cord (300/500V)
H03VV-F  Light dut PVC insulated sheathed flexible cord,(Round) (300/500V)
H05VV-F   Ordinary duty PVC insulated sheathed flexible cord,(Round)(300/500V)

4. Products properties:

--Rated voltage Uο/U: 450/750V, 300/500V and  300/300V

--Cable long-time allowed working temperature should no be more than 70°c

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