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Do You Want To Go Deeper Know About Heating Film Products ?

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 18, 2016

Let's study together!

Normal electrothermal film similar is also conductive ink heating form, but is different with other products with unique patented technology. Automatic temperature control application of electrothermal films as well as the independent research and development of special conductive ink, the conductive ink has own temperature control characteristics, namely the PTC (Positive Temperature CoefficientCharacteristics.

When PTC electrothermal film after electrify, along with the temperature rising, the electric current will dec line gradually, after a certain period of time, to reach a steady state. This characteristic is through the change of the number of conductive particles in the electrothermal carbon powder, when the temperature rises, the carbon powder conduction in the grain of the decrease in the number of children, powdered carbon conductor resistance increases, the current is reduced, the heating power also tends to decrease, which are the obvious changes in the initial stages of the electrothermal use, when the indoor temperature is more stable, the electrothermal over-current and heating power, tend to be stable. If there are some reason cause indoor temperature drop is larger, the electric heating film temperature is reduced, the powdered carbon conductive particle number increases, the electric current will increase, the electrothermal heating power will increase, the calorific value will increase.


PTC properties for the application of electrothermal film brings big benefits.


1. Warming faster, due to large initial heating power, make indoor temperature is lower initial heating time shorten;

2. The security, to avoid being coverage falsely often temperature continues to rise, when a piece of the electrothermal area furniture or the body covered or window under direct sunlight, the electrothermal feel temperature rising trend, current is reduced and the heating power. Generally the electrothermal, temperature rise can't fully control, it is dangerous;

3. Energy saving, current changing with temperature control, control the power consumption effectively, resulting in energy saving energy saving effect.

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