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How to build a hot yoga room floor ? Heating wire cable is the best choice.

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Oct 19, 2016

Heating wire for hot yoga room floor effect is very good! So, what is called hot yoga? Also called high temperature yoga or thermal yoga. Is to do yoga in the high temperature environment of 38 -40 C. It consists of 26 kinds of stretching movements, is a flexible movement, can improve the spine softness, suitable for office family. At the same time, it can reduce body weight by directly stimulating the nerve and muscle system by the static action of twisting and stretching. This hot yoga from the United States, began around 2004 in china. So to promote the sale of heating cable, GALAXY heating cable, radiation, as warm as the sun, the promotion of blood circulation, from the bottom warm up, very healthy.

Sweating can be taken away from the body of toxins, purify the nervous system. The traditional hatha yoga or ashtanga yoga posture to enable practitioners to a large number of sweat, so as to achieve the purpose of body waste discharge. Hot yoga hot environment instead of a lot of hard exercise, after the ordinary people go in, even if not to do any exercise will be sweating. Many stars rely on hot yoga to lose weight, the domestic try this yoga system more and more people.

The heating cable lastingachievements, cable conductor heating wire heating, teflon insulation, silicone sheath length can be customized, welcome to purchase our heating cable and heating cable mats!

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