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rainbow cable flat cable export to Turkey UL2468 UL1007 PVC flat ribbon electrical wire, flat rainbow cable

UL certificated flat electric cable:

Rated Temperature:80°C
Rated Voltage:300V
Reference Standard:UL Subject 758
Stranded or solid,tinned or bare copper conductor 30~10AWG
Color-coded PVC insulation,Comply with ROHS environmental standard
Uniform insulation thickness to ensure easy stripping and cutting
Passes UL VW-1&CSAFT1 Vertical flame test
Usages:Internal wiring of appliances and electronic equipment,lightings as connections etc

Structure of the flat cable:

It's made of the electric wires, 2P 4P 10P 20P 30P ....

Features of the electric cable wire

Easy one-step IDC connection without insulation stripping.

No need to distinguish the rear side because both sides of the same.

easy braching by spiltting.

Rated temperature:105°C
Rated voltage:300V
Standard:Applicable standard:UL Subject 1758.

Conductor Size 20 22 24,26,28 AWG.

Application of the electric wire flat:

Internal wiring of computers,electronic exchanges,measurement control devices,business machines,communication devices,and other electronic equipment.

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