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Single conductor heating cable mat / Single core heating cable mat

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 16, 2016

Single conductor heating cable mat / Single core heating cable mat

The single condutor heating cable mat difference with dual conductor heating mat is as follows:

  1. The single conductor heating mat have 2 cold line as follows:

  2. The laying method is  difference, single conductor heating cable mat similar to the single conductor heating cable, the two power cord need to connect at one point.

Performance of single conductor heating cable mat:

1, structure

Outer sheath: polyvinylidene fluoride (FEP);

Grounding: bare copper wire;

Shield: + copper foil;

Conductor: + copper alloy resistance wire;

Insulation: polyvinylidene fluoride (FEP);

Connector type: external connector;

2, size

Diameter: 3.0 mm

3, electrical parameters

Power supply voltage: 110/220V (voltage can be customized);

Linear power: 12W/m

Power density: 100W/M2 150W/m2

4, other

The cold line length: 3m;

The maximum surface temperature of 120 DEG C;

Minimum bending coefficient: 5D.

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