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Some knowledge about the Solar cable

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 08, 2016
source: Some knowledge about the Solar cable

Photovoltaic cable are often exposed to sunlight, the solar energy system is often used in harsh environment conditions, such as high temperature and ultraviolet (uv) radiation. In Europe, sunny days will result in the solar system in the field temperature as high as 100 ° C. At present, we can use the various materials are PVC, rubber, TPE and cross-linked with high quality material, but unfortunately, the rated temperature of 90 ° C rubber cable, and even the temperature of 70 ° C rated PVC cable is also often used outdoors, the national golden sun project horse, there are many contractors in order to save costs, not to choose cable specially used for solar system, choosing instead to replace the ordinary PVC cable photovoltaic cable, obviously, this will greatly affect the service life of the system.

The characteristics of solar cable is by its special cable insulation and sheath material, we call it a crosslinked PE, after irradiation accelerator irradiation, the molecular structure of the cable material will change, providing the aspects of performance

Mechanical load
In fact, during the installation and maintenance, cable can be on the edge of the roof structure of sharp wiring, cable at the same time must be under pressure, bending, tension, cross tensile load and strong impact. If the cable sheath strength is not enough, the cable insulation layer will be seriously damaged, which affects the service life of the whole cable, or cause a short-circuit, fires and injuries and other issues

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