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The difference between the single core and multi core Electric Wire

The main difference between the single core and multi core electric wire is that the softness of the wire is different. The essence of which two are not good, only the use of the environment is not the same, for example, you want to wear for the family room tube wiring, apparently using a single core, single core because of a certain strength, convenient threading, simple connection. But the line must have a turn, a curved line number, apparently using multi core electric cable is good, because the core flexibility is good, can bend without breaking; but the existence of multiple core wire joints are easy to bad contact of the heating problem, so that to make joint treatment good.

Select different cores according to different uses. The temporary lighting rod single-phase two core cable; the metal shell single-phase electric appliance should use three core cable(shell grounding wire); the four core cable three-phase equipment (shell grounding wire); three-phase four line equipment using five core cable (shell grounding wire); special purpose to use multi core cable.

PVC Copper Core Cable core lines are used in different colors to distinguish the line, generally more than three core cable has a green / yellow two color line, the provisions of the ground wire.

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