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Twin conductor solar cable 4mm2 6mm2 factory sale in May

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: 2016-05-06

Solar cable twin conductor , hot selling ~~~ 

1. Twin conductor solar cable:  Solar cable 2*1.5mm2, solar cable 2*2.5mm2, solar cable 2*4mm2, solar cable 2*6mm2, solar cable 2*10mm2, solar cable 2*16mm2

2. Three conductors solar cable: Solar cable 3*1.5mm2  solar cable 3*2.5mm2  solar cable 3*4mm2

Basic introduction of cable:

Cable Name: photovoltaic cable;

Model specifications: PV1-F2*16.0;

International certification: TUV

Roll number: conventional meters 100 meters ~1000 meters (the number of suggestions on wooden rice);

Rated voltage: DC1.0/1.8KV; AC0.6/1KV;

Test voltage: DC15KV; AC6.5KV;

Use temperature: the environment ~+90 C -45 C; conductor of the highest +120 C; short circuit (the longest duration does not exceed 5S) conductor temperature up to more than 200.

Ozone resistant: EN50396;

Weather resistance: HD605/A1

Halogen free: does not contain hydrochloric acid in accord with EN50627; does not contain fluorine to conform to EN60684-2;

Flame retardant: in line with EN60332-1-2;

Cable structure:

Conductor: tinned copper wire oxidation;

Insulation: low smoke halogen free crosslinked irradiated polyolefin;

Sheath: low smoke halogen free crosslinked irradiated polyolefin;

Solar Cable characteristics:

Anti ultraviolet irradiation, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof, high temperature, environmental friendly flame retardant, antioxidant, strong pressure.

GALAXY dual core / two core PV1-F2 * 16 photovoltaic photovoltaic wire cable manufacturers direct sales

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