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What's the BV BVV BVR BVVB RV RVV Cable?


Simple explain :

VV: the term refers to the two layer of PVC wire;

BV: PVC insulated copper wire, single core wire;

BVV:PVC sheathed copper wire, two wire;

BVVB: PVC sheathed copper wire, three wire;

BVR: copper core PVC insulation wire, flexible wiring fixed occasions.

When asked  the wire Market used for BV, BVR, RV, RVV, not those projects with large cross section cable

B series classification belongs to the wire cloth, so at the beginning  with B, voltage: 300 / 500V V is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also is  (plastic) l is aluminum core code

R is (soft) mean to do is to increase the number of soft conductors

Bv copper core PVC insulation wire BLV aluminum conductor, PVC insulated wire BVR copper core PVC insulation flexible wire above wires structure: + conductor insulation

Take 2.5mm2 for example:

BV is the 1 diameter 1.78mm and 7 0.68 two BLV 1 1.78mm diameter BVR 19 0.41mm diameter

RV copper core PVC insulation flexible wire

It is more than BVR soft, or 2.5 is the 49 0.25mm copper wire


RVV: copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed soft wire connection, RV more than a layer of plastic sheath

In addition, we are the most commonly used " sheathed wire cable"

BVVB: copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat cable is 2 BV line, with a layer of white jacket

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