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What's the Welding cable YH YHF H01N2-E H01N2-D?

Welding cable :

China model YH=H01N2-D (Natural rubber sheathed welding cable)

China model YHF=H01N2-E (Neoprene or other synthetic rubber elastomer sheathed welding cable)

Operating site:

The best use of YHF cable with oily or acid base material,

YH cable for oil and acid base protection is not as good as YHF cable.

Welding Cable type: H01N2-E H01N2-D

Voltage level: 100/100V

Cable conductor to allow long-term working temperature is not better than 85 degrees

Conductor material: fine twisted copper wire

Conductor sheath: polyester film, PVC

Sheath material: rubber, rubber, CPE, EPDM, PVC

Standard: CE ROHS ISO9001 CCC

Technical characteristics:

- working voltage: V 100/100

- test voltage: 1000 V

- dynamic bending radius: 12 * OD

- fixed installation bending radius: 7.5 * OD

- the application of working temperature: -25 degrees C degrees C to +80

- fixed temperature: -40 degrees C degrees C to +80

- Flame Retardant: IEC 60332.1

Application: mainly used in electric welding machine, gas welding machine, argon arc welding machine, welding equipment, such as a variety of output cable connection line

Packing: woven cloth, cardboard boxes, wooden or iron plate

Rubber sheathed welding cable is applicable to electric welder secondary side wiring and connecting electric welding tongs special cable, AC rated voltage not more than 200V and 400V peak pulse current. For a single core structure, a multi unit made of soft wire cutter. Outside of the conductive wire core, the heat resistant polyester film insulation tape is wrapped around the bag or the temperature insulation layer, and the outer layer is made of rubber as a protective layer.

Use requirements :

(1) the electric welding machine cable (welding line) is in a low voltage (maximum voltage of 200V) under the conditions of large current, the requirements of a certain heat resistance.

(2) the cable should not be allowed to work at a temperature of more than 65.

(3) the cables are frequently moved, twisted and cast, and require a soft, good bending performance.

(4) in the cast is easy to be sharp steel components of scraping, rub, it requires the cable insulation resistance to tear, wear resistance, good mechanical properties.

(5) the use of complex environmental conditions, such as sun, water boiling, water, oil, oil, acid and alkali liquid, etc., are required to have a certain weather resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance.

(6) sometimes it can be met with hot welding parts, heat resistance is good.

(7) often moving, the outer diameter is small, the weight is light.

Our company can order 4 square, 10 square, 16 square, 6 square, 25 square, 35 square, 50 square, 70 square, 95 square, 120 square and so on the welding cable, electric welding machine cable. Price is preferential! welcome inquiry

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