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International Working Women's Day

Edit: Xi'an Galaxy Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 08, 2016

Dear Clients and colleagues,

Happy Women's Day , Hope our clients freinds family will enjoy a happy day with your family "WOMEN" .

Today buy heating cables, electric wires and cables, provide a photo with one of your women in your family, will reduce directly in your latest order: 38USD(Order value 3800USD) , 380USD(Order value 38000USD) , 3800USD(Order value 380000USD)  

Welcome buy from us, hot sell: 

Heating cable series: 

  1. heating cable 18W/M for floor heating, 

  2. heating cable 20W/M for farming floor heating, 

  3. heating cable 30W/M for roof heating, outdoor melt snow . 

Electric wires and cables series:

 1. 300/500v electric wires

 2. 450/750v electric cables 

 3. 600/1000v electric cables

 4. 11-36kv electric cables 


Here we are glad to inform all colleagues , all the women colleagues will get a special present from Administration .  All the man colleagues will get a prsent for your family women ~ 

Hope everyone enjoy a good day!


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