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The Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Arrange And Promotion Activities Of The Electric Wires And Cables, Solar Cables

Dear All Colleagues,

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, everyone will have A gift of "ZONGZI" , please go to the personnel department to collect .

About the holiday, from 9th, June to 11th, June.  Except the duty officer, everyone can have a 3 days holiday time. best wishes to everyone and your family.

Dear All new and old clients,

Our holiday will from 9th, June to 11th, June, during these time, every department will have a duty officer. if you have any question please feel free to contact with us.

Pormotion activities:

1. Electric wires and cables(During holiday, The orders value will reduce 5% directly )

 Single core electric cable 1.5mm2 to 16mm2,  

 Multi core electric cable 3*1.5mm2  3*2.5mm2

(have goods in stock, can effect shipment within 1 working day)

2.Heating cables : (During holiday, The orders value will reduce 5%-10% directly )

Single conductor 18W heating cable (in stock)

Twin conductor 18W heating cable   (in stock)  

Single conductore 150W heating cable mat      

Double conductor 150W heating mats              

3. Solar cables:   (During holiday, The orders value will reduce 3% directly )

Solar cable 4mm2  (have goods in stock)           

Solar cable 6mm2  (have goods in stock)           

Welcome your cooperation!!! Email: cable@yh-cable.com 

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